The journey toward innovation and growth begins with a seamless technology conversion.




Together, we work to deliver solutions that meet the unique needs of your institution. 

Technology conversions are complex and relying on experts is imperative. Through our team-centered approach, we educate and empower your bank or credit union, so you are set up for future success. Our conversion projects cover a comprehensive array of technology initiatives including core, digital payments, mergers, telecommunications, and all associated ancillaries and more. 

Why Hire Engage fi?

Enhanced Efficiency

We ensure your organization operates at its highest level throughout the conversion and beyond, employing our established methodology, proven processes, streamlined workflows, and use of innovative technology.

Comprehensive Support

Acting as an extension of your team, we guide your organization toward a successful implementation through hands-on support and extensive training. As we navigate your project plan, we bring in appropriate domain expertise to facilitate and empower your vendor relationships. Not only are we your most trusted partner, but also we become your fiercest advocate.

Risk Mitigation

Safeguarding your financial institution from vulnerabilities is paramount to a successful conversion. Our proactive approach to risk management ensures that all probabilities are identified, with a mitigation plan in place to offer peace of mind.



We understand you...

Technology conversions are a large undertaking for any financial institution. We recognize the impact a project of this magnitude can have on your organization - from ensuring uninterrupted operations to navigating modern technology, each presents unique obstacles that require insight to achieve anticipated outcomes.

We hear your concerns...

Collage of Engage fi employees

Disruption to Operations

The disruption of day-to-day operations is a significant concern for any bank or credit union undergoing a conversion. Interruption to business services or extended downtimes can lead to frustrated customers and members and reputational risk. 

Resource Constraints

Knowing how to manage a large project with limited staff, or employees who lack specific knowledge, is daunting. Without the right team in place your institution can fall victim to project delays and the probability of unforeseen obstacles increases exponentially. 

Technical Complexity

Implementing new systems can introduce unforeseen hurdles. The process of transferring and integrating data demands expertise for a smooth changeover, necessitating a deep dive into the system's capabilities.

How Engage fi Helps Banks & Credit Unions

As forward-thinking industry leaders...

...we are committed to driving innovation and empowering clients for success in the digital age. We leverage our longstanding relationships with technology partners and, backed by our domain expertise, we support your financial institution every step of the way. We work alongside your internal core committee as we guide you through this transition, ensuring industry best practices and laying the groundwork for future growth.


What sets us apart is our innovative technology and tools. We harness the power of cutting-edge project management solutions to meticulously organize and monitor every aspect of your project, guaranteeing it remains on track and on time. Our expertise in integrating advanced work management software propels your project to unprecedented levels. This robust toolkit offers a panoramic perspective on your project's advancement to all stakeholders involved.



No two conversions are alike, and every client brings their own distinct needs to the table. This demands a tailor-made strategy for every conversion endeavor. A detailed project plan is defined with a high-level timeline, weaving in any strategic project so there is never a collision of resources. We consider all your commitments so you can still meet your goals and serve your customers/members. Training stands as a cornerstone of your success, we want you to have efficiency gains, apply best practices, and use your new core to the best of your ability. This becomes the foundation of training, product set-up, and documentation. 


Our people make us different. Every member of the Engage fi team has been hand-selected to fill their role because we believe that your conversion project is more than just a task; it's a collaborative endeavor where teamwork is paramount. Coupling domain experience with industry expertise, our consultants come from either the vendor side of the industry, where they know the inner workings of negotiations, systems, and processes, or from credit unions and banks where they have walked in your shoes, can understand your needs, and will empathize with your current state.

Our Process

The backbone of any successful project is a dedicated team.

A Strategic Consultant is assigned to your project to serve as your guide. We also assign an Executive Sponsor to ensure the proper resources are available for expedient resolution to mitigation plans and to serve as a point of escalation. Our team approach makes us different; we pull in subject-matter experts from across our organization to assist throughout the engagement.

Conversion projects take a four-step approach: 

  1. Engage
    Here, we jumpstart our journey and set the stage for success, beginning with building an appropriate project team structure, designing a resource allocation framework, developing a project plan and milestone timeline, creating a data mapping and cleanup strategy, establishing a project team communication plan, and devising a risk management and escalation strategy.

  2. Design
    Now we lay the foundation of a successful project, emphasizing change management, external communication guidelines, and contact center support planning – ensuring you receive the full support and readiness needed for the tasks to come. We work with your training department to establish a custom curriculum that includes reinforcement exercises and avoids usability as a potential issue.

  3. Test
    Subsequently, through user acceptance testing and data validation, we ensure your team is thoroughly trained and confidently at ease with your new system. This includes testing all third-party integration points and systems.

  4. Execute
    Finally, we complete a mock conversion and readiness assessment before going live. Post-conversion support is available after your new system is up and running.


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