Insurance Expertise for Banks and Credit Unions

Our insurance expertise starts with an assessment of the current situation of your bank or credit union, where our consultants provide insights into market trends, vendor options, and financial gains. With a detailed evaluation of the market options, we tailor a suite of solutions to meet your unique needs and risk-tolerance. Our focus on strategy aims to position you for long-term success, and we are dedicated to advocating for you during negotiations to find ways to save money and generate revenue.

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Insurance Assessment

Insurance Assessment

As the crucial first-step to most of our projects, this is the perfect opportunity for us to evaluate your current situation. Whether it is digging through reports or meeting with your team members, the initial assessment is the most effective way to see where you’ve been and what opportunities lie ahead. We will discuss market trends, vendor options, and potential financial gains of doing an evaluation.

  • Current Contract Review
  • Policy Review
  • Premium & Claims Reporting
  • Performance Measurement
  • Pain Points
  • Industry Landscape
  • Regulatory & Compliance Issues
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Departmental Insight Meetings

Insurance Evaluation

Making things simple for you, our team creates a custom and detailed RFP to engage each of the vendors. As a result of this process, we provide a full analysis of the market options with an apples-to-apples comparison. Because each financial institution has different needs and levels of risk-tolerance, we use our industry expertise to pull together the perfect suite of solutions.

Insurance Evaluation
  • Opportunities for Improvement
  • New Solution Targets
  • Custom Vendor RFP’s
  • Vendor Engagement
  • Summary Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation
Insurance Strategy

Insurance Strategy

Whether you are looking to better serve your customers, manage your risk, or create additional income opportunities, we will help you put a winning strategy in to place. Our mission is to find solutions that align with your goals and position you for long-term success. We know that a change in strategy can make a lasting impact on your business. Helping you understand your options and creating a simple roadmap is our commitment.

  • Income Projections
  • Cost Savings Opportunities
  • Goal Creation & Measurement Tools
  • Timelines & Prioritization

Insurance Negotiation

As your partner and staunch advocate, we take negotiations seriously. Whether you are looking to make a vendor change or simply want to ensure you are getting the best deal, we can help. We love finding ways to help our clients save money or generate revenue.

Insurance Negotiation
  • Pricing Negotiation
  • Product & Solution Customization
  • Contract Review
  • Contract Translation
  • Vendor Performance Metrics
Insurance Article 3

Many financial institutions see an in-house insurance agency as a natural extension of their core business, providing a steady stream of non-interest income and serving the financial needs of their customers.

While the competition is never-ending, there is a wonderful opportunity for credit unions and community banks to enter this market and be successful.

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