Credit Card Loyalty Consulting to Drive Growth

Our team of loyalty specialists will help you select a credit card loyalty program that attracts and retains customers, encourages increased card usage and fosters long-term relationships for sustainable growth. From loyalty assessment to negotiation, we offer collaborative brainstorming sessions to identify pain points and opportunities for improvement with your current credit card loyalty rewards program provider. We take care of the heavy lifting, keeping your team involved throughout the vendor evaluation process while setting up demos and reference calls. We are passionate about understanding the market and strive to uncover hidden savings in your contracts, ensuring that the best decision is made to enhance the loyalty and spending of your customers

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Loyalty Assessment

This is the part our clients love most. Our team joins yours - virtually or at your home base where we get key project members together, and we guide a collaborative brainstorming session. This allows us to pinpoint your team's pain points with your current rewards provider. We will also look at opportunities for improvement and what the ideal environment for your financial institution would look like - be it with the incumbent or a new provider.

  • Current Rewards Contracts
  • Rewards Experience
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Marketing Support
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • ATM/ITM Driving
  • Rewards Vendor Due Diligence
  • Technology Gaps
  • Current Strategic Rewards Plan
  • Rewards Providers
  • Pain Points
  • Current Staffing
  • Cross-Department Priorities
  • Rewards Road Map
  • System Integrations

Loyalty Evaluation

A hands-off approach to efficient, effective evaluations. We take the heavy lifting on this part so your team can focus on what's important. We'll keep your team involved at a high level throughout the loyalty/rewards vendor RFP collection and manage the vendor communications the whole way, setting up demos and reference calls so your team gets the important information without being tied down.

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  • Rewards Redemption Options
  • Financial Analysis
  • Cross-Product Options
  • Flexibility in Redemption
  • Fraud & Risk Management
  • Rewards Scoring
  • Rewards Portfolio Optimization
  • Rewards Vendor Relationship Management
  • System Integrations
  • ATM/ITM Driving
  • Rewards Vendor Due Diligence
  • Results from Internal Assessment
  • Rewards Vendors that Best Align Strategically
  • Rewards Vendor RFPs
  • Rewards Vendor Demos
  • Rewards Vendor Comparisons
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Loyalty Strategy

We get so excited about building a strong strategy to bring your financial institution into the future. Our passion for understanding the market and helping our clients really shines here. Once all the loyalty/rewards vendor data has been collected, we bring it all together in a way that's transparent and easy to understand so your team can be confident the best decision will be made for the future of your financial institution.

  • Rewards Experience
  • Rewards Options
  • Rewards Integration
  • Householding
  • Rewards Implementation
  • Road Map Planning & Milestones
  • Regulatory IS&T Compliance Guidance
  • Exam Readiness
  • Prioritization
  • Audit Compliance

Loyalty Negotiation

This is the part of the project that our team enjoys most. We know what is hiding in your contracts; the money we uncover for our clients is unparalleled. We believe so strongly in our process that we guarantee our price. If you've already decided on a rewards vendor or are happy with your incumbent but are curious about your options, give us a call. This is where we can make a huge difference.

  • Robust Redemption Options
  • Premium Loyalty Program Tied to Increased Interchange
  • Rewards Integration Partners
  • Contract Terms
  • Rewards Vendor Bids
  • Contract Review
  • Rewards Contract Translation
  • Rewards Vendor Management
  • Project Oversight
  • Pricing Comparisons
EFI Feature Image Loyalty Programs

Card loyalty programs are a proven marketing tactic, offering the ability to reward and incentivize customers. 

Financial institutions want their customers to redeem points because those are engaged customers, and it has been proven that the more they redeem, the more they will spend with that card and loyal they will be to the brand. The benefits have been documented and show that repeat customers spend 33 percent more than new customers, clearly showing that loyalty programs work.

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