Make informed banking technology investments for long-term success.



Our seasoned fintech professionals are adept at evaluating your technological prowess, equipping you with the knowledge needed to execute strategic banking technology investments for enduring success. Additionally, we provide support in assessing vendors, identifying technological gaps, aligning your tech strategy, and negotiating contracts to unveil potential savings and amplify the advantages for your financial institution, whether a bank or credit union.


Engage fi employees reviewing a technology assessment.

Technology Assessment

Unsure of the unknowns? Fear not! Our seasoned team stands in your shoes, ready to extend a hand. Through comprehensive interviews and surveys across your organization, we delve into the heart of your operations to shine a light on your tech capabilities from the outside, in. Investing in technology is crucial for your future triumphs. Let our thorough evaluation of your present tech landscape guide you in pinpointing where your investments will yield the most impact.

  • Strategic Goals
  • Outsourced vs In-House Options
  • Pain Points
  • Cross-Department Priorities
  • Audit Compliance
  • Department Objectives
  • Road Map
  • Data Analytics
  • Industry and Vendor Landscape
  • Payment Strategies and Growth
  • Core and API Integration
  • Current Technology Contracts
  • Technology Systems
  • Technology Gaps

Technology Evaluation

Our team takes on the burden of vendor evaluations, liberating your team to concentrate on core priorities. We conduct a thorough gap analysis of your existing system to pinpoint and address deficiencies before you commit to a new system. Furthermore, we ensure your team remains actively engaged during the entire process of technology vendor RFP gathering, while we handle all vendor communications. By orchestrating demos and reference calls, we facilitate your team's ability to make a swift, yet thoroughly informed decision, without overwhelming your daily workflow.

  • Results from technology assessment
  • Vendors that best align with your strategic goals
  • Vendor RFPs
  • Current contracts

Technology Strategy

Making informed technology decisions can be daunting. Frequently, these decisions lack a coherent strategy. Allow our experts to guide you in harmonizing the latest technology developments with your financial institution's strategic objectives. Through a comprehensive technology strategy, we assist in prioritizing your tech investments, offering a clear path forward for the upcoming three years.


  • Technology trends - today and in the future
  • Road map planning and milestones
  • Regulatory IS&T Compliance
  • Exam Readiness
  • Prioritization
  • Audit Compliance


Technology Negotiation

Navigating the intricacies of technology negotiations is where our expertise truly shines – it's our favorite phase of the project, and we excel at it, a sentiment echoed by our satisfied clients. We possess an uncanny ability to uncover hidden financial opportunities within your contracts, delivering unparalleled savings for our clients. Our confidence in our methodology is so resolute that we offer a price guarantee. Whether you're settled with your current technology providers or simply exploring your alternatives, we invite you to reach out. Let us demonstrate the significant impact we can have on your bottom line.

Client signing a technology agreement with Engage fi.
  • Custom Contracts
  • Outsourcing
  • Vendor Bids
  • Contract Review
  • Vendor Management
  • Pricing Negotiation

Meet One of Our Technology Experts

Megan Cummins is our Technology expert - Megan and the team guide banks and credit unions just like yours through strategic technology plans. Want to know more about Megan? Check out her bio.