The Engage fi Difference

Our team’s diverse banking expertise and commitment to fostering innovation sets us apart. We provide valuable guidance to banks and credit unions in navigating the banking landscape, saving clients money and delivering exceptional experiences. With extensive experience in the industry, we offer a unique perspective and seamlessly integrate with bank and credit union teams to prioritize and meet their goals.


Passion That Fuels Process

Engage fi was built on the foundation of guidance. Our process saves our clients millions and helps them understand the nuances of the payments and technology landscape. By focusing on the holistic consumer experience, we help banks and credit unions make the decisions that save them money and provide the best experience possible.

Hear from our CEO Jennifer Addabbo talk about the history of the company, how we may be able to help you, and why you should engage with us!

Our team is made up of experts…

You can trust that the people leading your projects know what they’re doing because they’ve been in your shoes. With over 450 years of experience in bank, credit union, and vendor roles, our perspective gives you the leverage you need to succeed.

…who have built a proven four-step process.

Our ability to become an extension of our bank and credit union teams is unrivaled. We spend the valuable time needed with the bank or credit union team to ensure all necessary requirements are uncovered.

Still Not Convinced?

What if we told you we pay for ourselves? No seriously.
We guarantee it.