Engage fi Testimonial Chartway Credit Union Testimonial

Chartway Credit Union Testimonial

Credit Implementation Oversight

Engage fi was the light at the end of the tunnel when we called them for Credit Implementation Oversight. We knew that there would be things that would pop up or that we didn’t anticipate when it came time for our conversion from one processor to another – and we wanted to ensure our members were not affected by our behind the scenes change.

When it came to helping us with the issues we had with keys, Engage fi was a life saver. We were at a standstill and the Engage fi team was able to leverage their knowledge and connections to get us on track again. They saved us a ton on unplanned expense and even more importantly, they saved us from needing a mass reissue – member inconvenience avoided! Engage fi was always available to address questions that came up from our team, to attend vendor calls or to help us escalate issues when they came up. Their guidance was truly valued.

Kim Little | EVP, COO | Chartway Credit Union

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