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Engage fi Team Recommends Best Reads for 2021

Over the Holidays, our team was encouraged to spend a little time on ourselves and use the opportunity to self-reflect, get inspired or learn something new. Each team member chose a book, podcast, or documentary and since our whole team was inspired when we came together to share our choices, what we learned from them, and what we will take with us through 2021, we wanted to share them with you as well.  This list can act as a great book list for the year that we can all go back to for inspiration! Feel free to make recommendations to us as well, we would love to hear what you have been enjoying.


Book Recommended by: James                                                                                             Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey                                                                                                  Key theme James took away: How to turn red and amber lights into greenlights and the importance of having no fear, hard work, and taking no shortcuts. Sometimes we have to leave what we know to find out what we know.


Book Recommended by: Ana                                                                                                          Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss                                                                                               Key theme Ana took away: This book discusses positioning and posturing to get the outcome you want in a given situation and encourages you to reset the perspective based on who you are talking to. When interacting with others, use phrases like “it sounds like” and “what I’m hearing” to ensure clear communication.


Podcast Recommended by: Tonia                                                                                                  Hidden Brain                                                                                                                                              Key theme Tonia took away: The power and the problem of Grit-looks at the difference between grit and stubbornness. When is enough enough?


Book Recommended by: Jeff                                                                                                            Focus on the Good Stuff by Mike Robbins                                                                                            Key theme Jeff took away: We create our own reality and attract everything that happens to us. The law of attraction is associated with positive thoughts and feelings. Attitude of gratitude.


Book Recommended by: Loretta                                                                                                    Women with Silver Wings by Katherine Kanddeck                                                                               Key theme Loretta took away: “Women ferry pilots in WW2 were tough! I thought I was tough, but I don’t even know what tough is. I know I have room to be tougher.”


Podcast recommendation by: Kody                                                                                                    The Hungry Athlete                                                                                                                                      Key theme Kody took away: Be an athlete of life. Live by intention, not habit. Rivals can be people that push you to do bigger and better things. How to look forward to disappointment so you have the opportunity to overcome.


Book Recommendation by: Priscilla                                                                                                  Before Happiness: The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness and Sustaining Positive Change by Shawn Achor                                                                                                              Key theme Priscilla took away: Focus on the positive measurable outcomes, positive signals, and avoid noise.


Book recommendation by: Dean                                                                                                               A Field Guide to Lies: Critical Thinking with Statistics and the Scientific Method by Daniel J. Levitin                                                                                                                                                            Key theme Dean took away: Look at how we go through evaluating numbers, words, spot logical fallacies. What problem are we trying to solve?


Podcast Recommendation by: Will                                                                                                          Hey Riddle Riddle                                                                                                                                          Key theme Will took away: Look at problem-solving but also introspectively, causes me to look at other things I am interested in and do research on those things to learn more.


Book Recommendation by: Connor                                                                                                        The Gulag Archipelago by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn                                                                                  Key theme Connor took away: The complicity of the general population at the time and the enablement of the government to allow such atrocities to happen.


Book recommendation by: Jenn                                                                                                            The Hard Thing about Hard Things by Ben Horowitz                                                                            Key theme Jenn Took away: When your company is in the thick of hard decisions, hunker down and focus on the team, ask the right questions, and when you get through the hardest parts look back and see a stronger organization, service delivery, and how they evolved and made the best use of time.


Documentary recommendation by: Chassidy                                                                                    Call to Courage by: Brene Brown                                                                                                              Key theme Chassidy took away: Brene stated that we engineer smallness in our lives because we are afraid to take risks and chances. I vow to take chances and not allow fear to limit my goals in 2021.


Book recommendation by: Sheila, Angie, and Aaron                                                                          The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 AM) by Hal Elrod                                                                                                                                          Key theme Sheila took away: How to turn the important morning behaviors into actionable steps. How the start of each day really sets the tone for the full day.                                                              Key theme Angie took away: The whole idea of affirmations and visualizations. Take some time every morning to spend some time on you.                                                                                        Key theme Aaron took away: Daily affirmations and visualize what you’re going to do that day.


Book recommendation by: Vikki                                                                                                              Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis                                                                                                        Key theme Vikki took away: We tell ourselves lies every day, and the lies in our heads must be destroyed. We are so much more than we allow ourselves to believe.


Podcast recommendation by: Ava                                                                                                            How to Fail                                                                                                                                               Key theme Ava took away: It is ok to fail; most times it led to an even better outcome because the path you thought was the goal ended up taking a different turn that worked out and even made the subject grow in a way that was unexpected.


Book recommendation by: Mike                                                                                                              Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor                                                                    Key theme Mike took away: Breath is so important for your health. There are so many ailments you can correct through breathing. 80% of office workers hold their breath without realizing. Be aware of your breath.


Book recommendation by: Jesse                                                                                                            Start with Why by Simon Sinek                                                                                                                Key theme Jesse took away: Why are some people, some businesses more successful than others? The successful ones always start with why. Business transformation is a lot of what and how, we need to make sure we aren’t forgetting the why.


Podcast recommendation by: Justine                                                                                                  Fight, Hustle, and Hurry with author and pastor John Mark Comer and author Jefferson Bethke    Key theme Justine took away: Accept that there are only 24 hours in a day and stop fighting it.  They confirmed for me that it is not only okay to slow down and do nothing at times, it is what God intended for us.  He rested and so should we. No guilt needed.


Book Recommendation by: Charles                                                                                                    Principles by Ray Dalio                                                                                                                            Key theme Charles took away: Strong foundations are guided by a set framework for how you behave, process, and act. Letting your morals and personal values shape these is key to continued growth.


Podcast recommendation by: Nell                                                                                                       The Habit Coach with Ashdin Doctor                                                                                                    Key theme Nell took away: Curate your lifestyle: how to start the new year off right and commit to those things throughout the year


Book recommendation by: Les                                                                                                            Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom                                                                                                  Key theme Les took away: How to live through learning about death. Accept who you are and revel in it.


Podcast recommendation by: Lizzy                                                                                                   Dare to Lead with Brene Brown                                                                                                               Key Theme Lizzy took away: Abby Wambach episode: Be grateful and ambitious – not mutually exclusive and work best together. Compete with AND against each other.

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