Meet our Bank and Credit Union Consulting Experts


Backed by a proven four-step process, our Engage fi team assesses a bank or credit union’s current environment, evaluates vendors, creates long-term strategic plans, and negotiates contracts. Our team combines expert strategy and education to guide banks and credit unions toward solutions that work for everyone. With our extensive industry experience, our team seamlessly integrates with client teams to offer tailored solutions to help financial institutions thrive in the dynamic landscape of banking.


Executive Team

Jenn Headshot 2 24

Jennifer Addabbo

Co-Founder and CEO

Andres Pasantes_Headshot

Andres Pasantes

President & Chief Operations Officer


Charisa Lin

Chief Financial Officer

Ted Hassenfelt_Headshot

Ted Hassenfelt

Chief Technology Officer

Trisa Wetzel_Headshot

Trisa Wetzel

Senior Vice President, Consulting Services

Mike Bressanelli Headshot

Mike Bressanelli

Vice President, Business Development, Strategic Consulting

Robyn Lopez_Headshot

Robyn Lopez

Vice President of Operations and Marketing

Amy Martel_Headshot

Amy Martel

Vice President, Consulting Services

Courtnay Sanderfer Headshot 24

Courtnay Sanderfer

Vice President of Human Resources

Lisa-St.Germain Headshot

Lisa St. Germain

Vice President, Product Management


Client Experience

Virginia Heyburn Headshot

Virginia Heyburn

Director of Research, Insights and Advocacy

Traci Carpenter Headshot

Traci Carpenter

Director, Consulting Services

Andrea Rusnak Headshot

Andrea Rusnak

Director of Consulting Services, Payments Group

Ashley Beck Headshot

Ashley Beck

Program Manager

Ryan Beilman Headshot 24

Ryan Beilman

Strategic Consultant

Jason Browning Headshot

Jason Browning

Strategic Consultant

Sharmin Buck Headshot

Sharmin Buck

Strategic Consultant, Conversion Services


Megan Cummins

Strategic Consultant

Joe Dugan Headshot

Joe Dugan

Strategic Advisor

Ava Headshot

Ava Farrell

Senior Strategic Consultant

Nicole Koury Headshot

Nicole Koury

Consultant, Conversion Services

Cindy LaFave Headshot

Cindy LaFave

Strategic Consultant

Doug Lokrantz Headshot

Doug Lokrantz

Program Manager

Lisa Mannino Headshot

Lisa Mannino

Strategic Consultant, Telephony

Joel Morehouse Headshot

Joel Morehouse

Strategic Consultant

JacyMosser Headshot

Jacy Mosser

Manager Program Services

Liz Ouellette Temp-Headshot-01

Liz Ouellette

Strategic Consultant
Terhi Roach Headshot

Terhi Roach

Analyst, Consulting Services

Terri Saulter (1)

Terri Saulter

Strategic Consultant

Brad Scholl Headshot 24

Brad Scholl

Strategic Consultant

Penny Schultz Headshot

Penny Schultz

Consultant, Conversion Services

Nick Seier Headshot

Nick Seier

Application Support Analyst

Tricia Smith Headshot

Tricia Smith

Program Manager

Terri Spencer Headshot 24

Terri Spencer

Strategic Consultant, Training and Contact Center Services

Nicole Steffenmeier Headshot

Nicole Steffensmeier

Strategic Consultant, Payments and Technology

Kody Tuupo Headshot

Kody Tuupo

Strategic Consultant


Crissandra Fry Headshot

Crissandra Fry

Area VP, Strategic Consulting

Dan Klemetsen Headshot

Dan Klemetsen

Area VP, Strategic Consulting

Kellie Lowder Headshot 24

Kellie Lowder

Area VP, Strategic Consulting

Mark Mahoney Headshot

Mark Mahoney

Area VP, Strategic Consulting

Brian Sprague Headshot

Brian Sprague

Area VP, Strategic Consulting

Ana Stock Headshot

Ana Stock

Director of Relationship Management

Tim Wilkinson Headshot

Tim Wilkinson

Area VP, Strategic Consulting

Sales Operations

Brandon Carter Headshot

Brandon Carter

Sales Enablement Specialist

Jake Fowler Headshot

Jake Fowler

Director of Business Development

Stacy Richards Headshot

Stacy Richards

Sales Operations Specialist

Sheila Wilson Headshot

Sheila Wilson

Senior Sales Operations Specialist


Justine Bennett Headshot

Justine Bennett

Accounting Manager

Rodd Johnson Headshot

Rodd Johnson

Senior Financial Analyst

Debbie Survant Headshot

Debbie Survant

Accounting Specialist


Will Berry Headshot

Will Berry

Systems Administrator

Jeff Brines Headshot 24

Jeff Brines

Pricing Analyst

Allison Draughn Headshot

Allison Draughn

Senior Business & Quality Assurance Analyst

Tonia Houghton Headshot

Tonia Houghton

Technology & Data Specialist

Evan Markley Headshot

Evan Markley

Manager of Analytics

Alison Miguel Headshot

Alison Miguel

.Net Full Stack Developer

Tyler Valkavich Headshot 24

Tyler Valkavich

.Net Full Stack Developer

Human Resources

Johanna Rogers Headshot

Johanna Rogers

Learning and Development Specialist


Shannon Crandall Headshot 24

Shannon Crandall

Director of Marketing

Lucy Humphreys Headshot

Lucy Humphreys

Marketing & Events Coordinator