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Legal sales of marijuana are expected to top $33 billion by the end of 2022.  As more financial institutions look to expand their small business offerings and with cannabis sales now legal in 19 U.S. states, now might be a good time for your financial institution to enter the market.    With provisions for financial institutions still murky, in this webinar, we’ll dig into the consumer market and offer some industry insight and next steps your FI can take to integrate these offerings into your small business menu.

Join Megan Cummins, Strategic Consultant, on September 21st at 1:00 PM EST.

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Journey mapping sheds light on real human experiences that often organizations know very little about. On this webcast, Christy and Michelle will discuss what is customer journey mapping, how to build one, and reflect on why it is important for every business to invest in customer experience.


  • What is Customer Journey Mapping (CJM)?
  • Why mapping your customer journey is important?
  • How to put customer journey map into action?
  • Case Study
  • Where to take CJM next?

By the end of this webcast, you will learn how to:

  • Shift a company’s perspective from inside-out to outside-in
  • Refocus your business culture on the thoughts, actions and emotions of customers
  • Break down silos to create one shared, organization-wide vision
  • Assign ownership of key touchpoints to internal departments
  • Create clarity and alignment with different stages or key touchpoints in the journey
  • Target specific customers and curate content to your ideal persona

Join Christy Vogel, Founder, CEO, and Michelle Holguin, SME, of Marketing Direction on September 29th at 2:00 PM EST.

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Our Recent Webinars:

Crypto 101

If you aren’t talking about crypto yet, the time is now. Our crypto 101 webinar will explore the basics and history of crypto in a way that’s easy to understand. You’ll develop an understanding of the market, use cases, and we’ll discuss how consumers are viewing and using crypto. Even with all the headlines involving the words “crash” and “bankruptcy”, crypto isn’t going to fade away. We’ll discuss several ways that your financial institution can “dip your toes” into the crypto waters or even “cannonball” right in!

Folding Time: Leadership Webinar with Jenn Addabbo and Neen James

As leaders in credit unions and banks, we are constantly being asked to do more with less.

If we can get clear about those activities that make the biggest difference to our productivity we can get twice as much done in half time and free ourselves up to get on with whatever else we choose.

This program is perfect for leaders who want more control so they can manage their time, focus their attention, and manage their energy.

In this high-energy conversation between Jenn and Neen, you will hear strategies to:

Increase time accountability so you can achieve more
Create a strategic, daily prioritization process
Understand your productivity style
Eliminate distractions and increase effectiveness
Build more accountability across your organization

If you and your team feel overwhelmed running from one project to the next, or feel like you will never get to the end of your to-do list, or wonder how you will ever get it all done… you might need to learn how to Fold Time. You will leave this practical and entertaining conversation understanding how you leverage time and get more done!

Engage Your FI to Grow Income and Manager Risk: Navigating the Complicated World of Insurance

Key lines of insurance and departmental impact
Industry trends and vendor landscape
Benefits of doing a program analysis and RFP
Balancing risk and expense

High-Risk Fintech Vendor Contract Negotiations

Join Matt Baldini from Baldini Lang LLC for a webinar focusing on how Financial Institutions can level the playing field in their High-Risk Technology Vendor Contracts.

What will be discussed:

Leveraging Due Diligence to improve your FinTech contract terms and conditions
Regulatory Expectations of FinTech Vendor Due Diligence
Leveraging the shifting Regulatory focus on FinTech Vendors to improve your contract terms and conditions
Practical Advice for Contract Negotiations
Key Contract Clauses
Card related banking statistics
Evolution of interchange and Why
Unbundling of EFT processors and Network Offers
The convergence of PIN and signature debit today- “The Debit tug of War”
Durbin 2.0 – Uncertain debit routing issues
And more…

Harness the Power of Your DNA Core

Join Engage fi for a webinar with Lisa St. Germain, VP of Client Experience, and Sharmin Buck, Core Consultant. Both Lisa and Sharmin have first-hand experience working with financial institutions and DNA. Join them on the Webinar as they discuss:

Who is Engage fi
Their motivation behind the switch from DNA to consulting
What they are seeing in the market
How to Maximizing your tech tool kit

BNPL: Don't Be Late or You'll Pay Later

Parts 1 and 2 are now available!

Join Engage fi Strategic Consultant Megan Cummins (part 1) and Payments Consultant Jennifer Kerry(part 2) for a webinar series exploring BNPL.

BNPL Series – what you will learn?
BNPL: Consumers and the Financial Industry

Learn about the current BNPL space from a consumer perspective, outline the current players in the market and the opportunity for financial institutions going forward.

BNPL: How can financial institutions offer the solution

Learn about the integration of 3rd party provider solutions. Review considerations for implementing digital issuance and start planning the important next steps for your institution.

Debit Networks: Past, Present, and Future

Join Engage fi Senior Strategic Consultant, Ava Farrell, and BankSmart Payments Consultant, Brad Trowbridge to learn:

Card related banking statistics
Evolution of interchange and Why
Unbundling of EFT processors and Network Offers
The convergence of PIN and signature debit today- “The Debit tug of War”
Durbin 2.0 – Uncertain debit routing issues
And more…

LEAD the Way With Jenn Addabbo and Debbie Lundberg

In honor of Women’s History Month, Engage fi is hosting a virtual celebration for bank and credit union leaders.

Free webinar
Happenings include:
Welcome - Engage fi CEO, Jenn Addabbo
Keynote - ``Taking the LEAD``, Debbie Lundberg, Performance Coach, and TED Talk Speaker
Open Discussion-Opportunity to share ideas, challenges, and insights in the financial industries with each other, and Debbie, a female leader, and coach who works with many leaders in the financial industry and other spaces, too.

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