360fi, Where Banking Data Becomes Insights

Plug into 360fi and discover the full power of Engage fi. The 360fi client portal is where we seamlessly blend time-tested techniques with cutting-edge technology to collect and transform data into actionable insights for your community bank or credit union. With our revolutionary 360fi platform, experience the next level of data engagement like never before.

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What is 360fi?

360fi is our client portal. It is a tool to not only provide data, but to visualize it and make it digestible. The technology leverages the thousands of data elements our team has used over the years in helping our clients make informed vendor decisions. Leveraging macro level trends and requirements in the industry provides us the proper visibility to adequately negotiate with the vendors on your behalf and find the nuances through a discovery process.

The tools within 360fi include:
Invoice Intel
Contract Locker
Vendor Insights
and more

Invoice Intel

Vendor invoices are confusing and often incorrect, resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars of missed payables. This feature provides auditing, visualization, and insights from vendor invoices and contract terms and the results are presented graphically in an easy to view dashboard with any anomalies so that adjustments and credits can be received. Having access to thousands of invoices also provides us tremendous insight into market pricing that benefits our clients.

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360fi Contract Locker landing page.

Contract Locker

Contract management is no one’s day job. Using Contract Locker, Financial Institution’s can upload and manage contracts in an organized and visualized way. This area of the platform stores and tracks critical contracts and displays pending contract dates so you don’t miss an important notification requirement which could be extremely costly and lock you into longer terms than originally intended. Designed to be a lightweight vendor management system, contract locker removes the hassle of keeping track of vendor contract dates.

We have data and want to put it in your hands. Using 360fi, we are able to bring awareness to financial institutions. In addition to the features above, the portal includes file manager, a secure document exchange system, access to industry news, insights, webinars, and more.

Save time, save money, and solve problems with various solutions with 360fi.

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